VHD Media erbjuder SMS tjänster och andra tjänster inom digital marknadsföring


Everything you need to build and create the conditions to increase your sales.

VHD Media erbjuder sms-tjänst där du kommunicerar med dina kunder via sms

SMS service

As an SMS aggregator handling +100 million transactions per year, we can easily assist you with your SMS campaigns, without any capacity constraints.

VHD Media tillhandahåller digitala kuponger för personifierade kundrabatter

Digital coupon

Digital coupons are an effective and sales-driving tool that allows you to reach new consumers through advertising or existing customers through send outs.

Vi erbjuder lösningar för digital kundklubb för trogna kunder

Customer club

Customer loyalty programs are one of the most common ways to engage customers and drive sales. We can offer a complete solution that allows you to provide the right offer to the right customer.

Skapa personifierade erbjudanden och skicka e-post till kunder via VHD Media


When you want to supplement and reach your customers through all channels, or for you who already send emails to your customers.

Optimizing your sales

Other services

VHD media kan med hjälp av urval ger dig möjligheten att få fram aktuella adresser och nya kunder bland över en miljon företag och 1,8 miljoner personer i arbetslivet

Selection TM/DM

Selection gives you the opportunity to obtain current addresses and new customers from over one million companies and 1.8 million people in the workforce.

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Vi erbjuder en tjänst för registervård och avisering, ett sätt att hitta nya kunder till ditt företag.

Registry maintenance & Notifications

Approximately 350,000 people change their address and around 170,000 people change their phone number each year in Sweden. Do you want to keep track?

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Boka konsultation för din digitala marknadsföring med en expert på VHD Media


No matter if you need help to increase foot traffic in your store or automate logistics solutions, we are here to help you solve your challenges.

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Paketlösningar inom digital marknadsföring

Package solutions

We offer package solutions for companies that need help or want to develop their digital marketing.

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From planning and campaign launch to follow-up

Svensk Fastighetsförmedling, Dahl, and Scandic are examples of other companies that, through us in a secure and reliable way, communicate their messages to a crowd of other companies. We only use proactive infrastructures that are proven with the highest quality.

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