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Frequently asked questions to us at VHD Media Group

How does your SMS service work?

Our SMS service is developed to send and receive SMS quickly, smoothly and without problems. As a business, you can use SMS services to send out information, reminders, offers and more to your customers. Send many SMS at the same time or customize the send outs via selection or previous purchase behaviour.

Why should I use your SMS service?

Statistics show that 96% of received SMS messages are opened within 2 minutes, compared to email's 20%. This means that SMS is a great way to reach your customers with quick information, whether it's important information and reminders or promotions and offers. SMS marketing is effective, and with our SMS service, all messages are always delivered to the customer without long delivery times or hassle.

How do I find new customers?

For those who wish to find new customers, we can offer selection services. Through selection, we help you reach people with characteristics that match your target audience, no matter what it is. Selection can involve finding people of a certain age, living in a certain location, or with multiple combined characteristics that match your product or service.

Digital coupons, how does it work?

Digital coupons are a digital offer that is easy for companies to send out and convenient for customers to use. Digital coupons are redeemed to a greater extent than paper coupons and are also more likely to lead to a purchase. A digital coupon is easily accessible on the customer's mobile phone, making it easy for the customer to redeem.

Do you provide statistics on my campaigns?

Yes, when you use any of our services, you can always follow up on the results of your campaigns and email or SMS send outs. The statistics can then be used as a basis for adjusting methods or upcoming campaigns.


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