VHD Media erbjuder en tjänst för e-postutskick till kunder


When you want to supplement and reach your customers through all channels, or for you who already send emails to your customers.


of all adults read their email messages regularly.


returns to buy a product after an email offer.


would like to receive emails containing promotions and discounts.

Invest in email marketing

E-mail marketing

Email sending and marketing via email is a very simple and effective way to maintain and strengthen relationships with customers. With our email service, you can quickly create attractive newsletters or popular campaigns. We offer the possibility of individual adaptation of the offer via selection, as well as the possibility of following up statistics on your e-mail mailings.

Our platform makes it easy to produce personalized and relevant marketing campaigns at scale. In short, it means you can send the right content to the right person at the right time. Customize your message using customer behavioral data and automatically analyze customer interactions to minimize time and resource costs.

Custom mailings

Email mailings are a marketing method that is effective both for maintaining business with existing customers and attracting new customers. Sending e-mails is easy and does not require much effort to reach many people, but strategic planning is required for the mailings to lead to conversion and not just end up untouched in the recipient's inbox.

When you use our e-mail service, you have the opportunity to adapt the content based on different customer groups. Personalized offers and mailings tailored to the customer's interests often increase the likelihood of purchase. Contact us and we will tell you more.

Design and send Email

With our E-mail service, you can easily create and design your e-mails. Create templates using our smooth drag-and-drop interface or import templates from other programs. It is easy to navigate the platform and with a few simple adjustments it is possible to personalize mailings according to the customer's previous purchasing behavior.


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