VHD Media tillhandahåller digitala kuponger för personifierade kundrabatter

Digital coupon

Digital coupons are an effective and sales-driving tool that enables you to reach new consumers through advertising or existing customers through distribution


higher probability that the customer will redeem a digital coupon.


regularly use coupons.


average higher sales volume.

Reaching the right customer with targeted campaigns.

Effective marketing method

Digital coupons are a modern and effective marketing method that allows companies to offer discounts and special offers to customers. These coupons are distributed electronically via email, social media, mobile apps, and other digital platforms. With coupons combined with, for example, SMS messaging creating a fast and efficient customer satisfaction.

You can create coupons yourself or with the help of our experts to effectively reach your customers with your offer. Digital coupons are the ultimate traffic generator, encouraging customers to visit your store or e-commerce site. You can combine text, images, and videos for an effective and sales-driven approach. By adding specific requirements that must be met to unlock the discount, you can easily collect customer data. Coupons are the perfect option for launching a new product or offering existing customers a specific product/campaign.

Surveys show that 2 out of 3 consumers regularly use coupons and that coupons increase sales (by an additional 15%) in both physical stores and e-commerce. By sending digital coupons via SMS, you increase the conversion rate to 44%. Customers redeem SMS coupons 10 times more than other types of coupons.

All-in-one solution

Our platform provides several built-in distribution and validation methods. You can easily start a secure campaign with just a few clicks. In addition, digital coupons give you an excellent overview of your ROI. To build a relationship with your customers and to encourage them to make larger purchases than originally intended, you can create personalized digital campaigns to ensure that the right target group receives the right message.

Advanced statistics

Digital coupons enable you and your brand to gather more complete, current, and accurate information about your customers. This results in a better understanding of your audience and the potential to build a strong and direct relationship with the customer. Our coupon statistics provide live reports on the distributed and validated coupons. Monitor your mobile marketing campaigns in real-time and export all captured coupon data to Excel for further analysis.

Create coupons

Vår tjänst för digitala kuponger för det möjligt för företag att skapa en mängd olika kupongerbjudanden, inklusive procentuella rabatter, fri frakt eller “köp-en-få-en-gratis” erbjudanden. Dessa kuponger kan användas för att locka nya kunder och öka lojaliteten hos befintliga kunder.

Track effectiveness

Businesses can track the effectiveness of their digital coupons by collecting data on how many customers used the coupons and which products or services were purchased. The information can then be used to tailor future marketing campaigns and improve the company's sales.

Eco-friendly marketing

Digital coupons are a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional paper coupons and direct mail advertising. Coupons are easy to create and distribute digitally, without the need for printing, shipping, or distribution.

Benefits of digital coupons

There are many benefits to digital coupons as they are easy to use and readily accessible on the customer's mobile phone. Unlike traditional coupons that require a lot of work and higher costs per coupon in manufacturing and distribution, digital coupons are more convenient to create and easy to send digitally to the customer.

Customers' easy access to coupons and the ability to create relevant offers for each customer increase the likelihood of conversion. Customized digital coupons are a way to show appreciation and reward loyal customers. When the value or content of the coupon is tailored to the customer's previous purchase history, the offers become relevant and tend to lead to new purchases.


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