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As an SMS aggregator handling +100 million transactions per year, we can easily assist you with your SMS campaigns, without any capacity constraints.


for the customer to act on an SMS.


conversion rate


of customers prefer SMS communication.

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SMS marketing

SMS marketing is a strategy where companies send promotional messages to customers through SMS. This has become an increasingly popular marketing method, especially with the growth of mobile phone usage. By leveraging SMS marketing, companies can reach out to customers in an effective way, and at a fraction of the cost of other marketing methods.

SMS helps to increase your customers' trust and awareness of your brand, product or service. By using our SMS service, existing customers will buy more often or more, and at the same time you can easily and quickly attract new customers to buy. The simplicity and personal nature that SMS creates improves the customer experience and the relationship between you and your customer.

Send SMS

With our SMS service, we provide the opportunity to create and send SMS messages from wherever you are. Enjoy limitless communication whether you need to send a few or many SMS messages with important information about campaigns, unique offers, appointment reminders, deliveries, or alerts.

Receive SMS

Through our platform, it is possible to both send and receive SMS messages. Two-way communication with your customers is useful in several ways. You can have a dialogue with your customers, conduct customer surveys, and get answers to important questions. You can also use the SMS service for automatic registration and deregistration if you work with marketing via SMS.


We offer follow-up of your SMS sendings as well as the possibility of communication adapted to different customer groups. The statistics for your SMS communication can be used in selection processes and enable better adaptation of your send outs. By adapting information and offers to the customer's interests, the likelihood that a purchase will be completed increases.

Advantages of SMS sending

The benefits of using SMS for marketing purposes are many. Firstly, it is a very cost-effective method, allowing companies to reach a large audience at a relatively low cost. Additionally, SMS is a very fast method of reaching customers, making it ideal for conveying important messages and campaigns in an instant. This also enables companies to quickly respond to customer demand and feedback.

Another advantage of SMS marketing is that it allows for direct interaction with customers. Companies can send personalized messages to customers, and customers can respond with feedback and responses to campaigns. This gives companies an opportunity to gain valuable information about their customers' behaviors and preferences, which can be used to create more effective marketing campaigns in the future.

In summary, SMS marketing is an effective and cost-efficient method to reach customers in a quick and personalized way. However, to make it effective, businesses need to be mindful of not overloading customers with messages and sending relevant and personalized messages that recipients appreciate.

Some quick facts about SMS

  • SMS can reach EVERY person who has a mobile phone, there is no need for an app, for example.
  • 75% of customers under the age of 44 (or 58% of all ages) say that SMS is the perfect way for businesses to reach them.
  • Statistics show that 73% of businesses expect their SMS marketing budget to increase during the year.
  • 11 times more people use SMS than Instagram
  • We can see that customers take action (call to action) on an offer within 90 seconds.
  • We can see that the average conversion rate for SMS marketing is 29%.
  • 96% of customers open received SMS messages within 2 minutes, compared to email's 20%.

Guaranteed connection to the world with the highest quality

With direct operator connections, we guarantee a proactive infrastructure with superior performance and reliability, no matter where in the world you want to send SMS, especially for business-critical messages that must be delivered regardless of the size of your SMS campaign. We naturally support API and SMPP, so you can enjoy uninterrupted SMS service at the scale you need.

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is a marketing method where businesses send promotional messages or other important messages to customers via SMS. This has become an increasingly popular marketing strategy due to the high usage of mobile phones. By utilizing text messaging, businesses can reach a large audience quickly and at a low cost compared to other marketing methods.


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