Paketlösningen Panel för digital marknadsföring av hög kvalitet


Panel is a package solution of services developed for small and medium-sized businesses with high demands for quality. Panel is the best choice when you want to engage your customers and increase the number of completed purchases.

Make sure customers come to you and not your competitors

Digital marketing for small and medium-sized businesses

Are you an SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) owner with high demands for quality and cutting-edge solutions that truly make your customers come back and even buy more than expected? Then Panel is the absolute best choice for you. Everyone who buys Panel from us says that the service's range of offerings, price, and innovative features increase their business. Panel embodies the same quality and forward-thinking as our Enterprise service, but is tailored for SMEs, and the price is adjusted to allow all business owners to take advantage of today's technological features to drive increased sales, regardless of your size.

Panel is a platform that can handle different types of customer-related communications. Panel combines the strengths of SMS, email, and digital coupons by integrating all functionality into one system at a very attractive price. By combining the platform's software and hardware in stores, you get a seamless and consistent thread throughout the entire business.

With a very simple tool in Panel, you can build and manage your campaigns yourself. You can quickly gain control over your customers, which offers work best, and analyze how individual people are attracted to your offers. That data is the key to getting your customers to come back again and again.

Here's what's included in Panel


Increase your customers' trust and awareness of your brand, product, or service. With our SMS service, existing customers will buy more frequently or more, while you can quickly and easily attract new customers to make purchases.

Read more about SMS.

Digital coupon

In combination with SMS, digital coupons create quick and efficient customer delight. Digital coupons are the ultimate traffic generator that get customers to visit your store or e-commerce site.

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PRO is a portable touch screen computer, a tool for customer interaction in-store. PRO is mainly used to capture visit data but provides a plethora of applications that promote the relationship with your customers.

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Form is a tool that, like PRO, helps you gather information from your customers via your website or e-commerce. With Form, customers can join your loyalty club and receive information and personalized campaigns.

Guaranteed connection to the world with the highest quality

Panel is an all-in-one platform

With direct operator connections for SMS delivery and highly functional systems for email distribution, VHD guarantees a proactive infrastructure with superior performance and reliability. Especially for business-critical messages that must be delivered regardless of the size of your distribution.

Proven and scalable platform.

The infrastructure is designed to be fault-tolerant and secure, creating reliability and scalability with a special emphasis on security. The infrastructure is connected to geographically redundant data centers with backup power and other necessary security measures to ensure no interruptions occur. Our data center is operational in a highly secure, technologically advanced environment. Our cloud is proactively supported and maintained. We have strict security and business continuity measures to provide the best conditions for our customers.

We continuously work to ensure the security and efficiency of our architecture, functions, procedures for incidents or patches, human risk, inventory and classification, physical and network security, and encryption. As our customer, you should simply feel secure in choosing us as your provider.

Do you want to learn more about our security? Contact us to get access to our Security Declaration.

Training and assistance along the way

If you want help from an expert who has extensive and long experience in campaign creation and what works, you can turn to us. We can educate you on how the tool works, but also assist in planning and managing your campaigns for optimal success.


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