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Complement your company's range of wholesale services with our mobile services. We offer solutions that make it possible to offer your own customers, among other things, without large investment costs. SMS service, MT/MO, virtual long numbers, short numbert, etc.

Offer our mobile services without large investment costs.

Partner - Offer our mobile services to your customers via wholesale

Enhance your company's offerings with mobile services without large investment costs. We can tailor solutions that fit your company and its needs. We offer solutions that enable your company to offer mobile services to your customers, such as SMS services, MT/MO, virtual long numbers, short numbers, number lookups, and more without significant investment costs. With our services, you can supplement your company's offerings with mobile solutions all in one platform as if it were your own. You can easily customize the platform with your own domain and logo. We are constantly improving our platform with faster speeds, increased capacity, improved quality, and a focus on security and compliance.

At our company, you are always a key customer, someone who receives our full commitment and best service. You will have direct phone number and email address to your contact person. We take a long-term perspective on every business and do our utmost to create the best solution for your company. For us, it is important that it is easy for you. We believe in flexibility and new solutions and are happy to discuss various commercial arrangements.

"Partnerships are important to us and we have high standards for our partners, especially when it comes to creativity, flexibility, and service mindset. We found all of this in abundance at VHD. Through our collaboration, we have gained a unique opportunity to deliver simple, fast, and affordable SMS services to our customers."

-says Kristoffer Andersson, CEO of Checkbiz AB.

As a partner with VHD Media Group, you will be able to offer your own customers communication services that truly drive to action.

With services from us you can:

  • Increase customer trust and awareness
  • Be one step ahead of all other competitors
  • Create campaigns that drive decisions
  • See the statistics that make you understand

Every day since 2008, we have delivered our services and expertise to some of the Nordic region's absolute largest companies. We currently process over 100 million transactions per year. The secret behind our success is good relationships, high service and proactive infrastructure.

When we understand your end customer - we do the right thing.

Reasons to become a Partner

"Through our collaboration with VHD Media Group, we have been given a unique opportunity to deliver simple, fast and affordable SMS services to our customers"

Kristoffer Andersson, CEO på Checkbiz AB

Creative partnership

We strive to find creative and long-term solutions around partnerships. A personal relationship where we can take advantage of each other's strengths means that no collaboration is the same.

Proven platform

The infrastructure on our platform is designed to be fault tolerant and secure, creating reliability and scalability with a focus on security.

With strict security and business continuity measures, we provide the best conditions for our customers.

Training and assistance along the way

Våra experter med lång erfarenhet av vårt system och kampanjskapande hjälper dig på vägen. Vi erbjuder utbildning i hur våra verktyg fungerar samt hjälper till att planera och administrera dina kundkonton, utskick och kampanjer för optimal framgång.

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